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Meet the band (@Kieronononon)

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Powers: Keyboard and the weird theramin thing.

What we say: It's the new guy, we wonder if he knew how much of a ballache being in a brutaltechnopunk band is? anyway, he's a damn good keyboard player, far better than that orta guy. Who even let him have an instrument anyway?

What's all this then?

Kierononon are a 3-piece brutaltechnopunk outfit, with Goatboy on guitars, Floatstarpx on bass/drum programming, orta attempting keytar/decks/toys and Rafferty rocking the keyboards/theramin . We operate a four-pronged vocal assault, and we do not have a drummer. We formed in 2006 when we were drunk at a party. It was cool anyway, we drew loads of pictures of logos for the band.

In the time between then and now, we have recorded 5 EPs and now a full length album, and we've done a whole bunch of gigs. We still come up with our best ideas when we're drunk at parties. Our new album is awesome. It's called "There's this Dragon", and you can hear it on our website here. And even newer than that is our EP Komplaints Department, check it in music

There's this Dragon

"There's this Dragon" is our first full-length album! It's got 10 tracks.

Written, recorded and conceptualised by Kieronononon. Mixed and mastered by the awesome Rafferty!


We're currently booking for sometime soon.. So give us an e-mail if you want us to play in your town! E-mail us at roxxor2mail@gmail.com and we'll do our best. We'll even play in your house for 2 beers or some potato waffles.