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Kierononononn Kommunique

Komm 10 pdf html

Issue 10 Kierononon apologise for once, talk about the new stuff and kompare facial hair.

Komm 9 html

Issue 9 Kierononon look into psychology, their new iTunes LP and talk about the meaning of life.

Komm 8 pdf html

Issue 8 KiERonononon get near the queen, get some emo poetry and compare some stuff.

Komm 7 pdf html

Issue 7 Kieronononon discuss Pokemon again, give out some tour stories, KHole some famous guys and review a review.

Komm 6 pdf html

Issue 6 is green! Why? Well that's not actually explained, we can assure you though, there is an explanation that we shall explain. Sometime. This issue has too much to talk about in the space we have left!

Komm 5 pdf html

Issue 5 announces new Kierononon gigs, remix packs, starts the KHOLE gallery and we answer what stereotypes are the members of Kieronononno - plus a guest column!

Komm 4 pdf html

Issue 4 has instructions to make the Kieronononon special, we have the first in a set of K-Holes we also answer your questions on animals, rape and what Kierononon are made of

Komm 3 pdf html

Issue 3 features some reviews of Kierononon's new CD, has a great scene picture - we talk about the strange rituals that we have before gigs. plus we get a question in foreign, thanks google translate!

Komm 2 pdf html

Issue 2 Coming out an exact two weeks later Issue 2 talks about Keirononon's favourite ice-cream based desert, you can also discover; what goatboy did/didnt do to his laptop, how to know if you're a hardcore fan and what kind of underwear do Kierononon jam in.

Komm 1 pdf html

Issue 1 The issue that started it all, beautiful and simple, find out about; Kierononon's favourite obscure Pokemon, how we spend our money and what they were doing on reality-TV hit Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2008.